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  • Dress Code for SSB Interviews

    Screening and  Personal Interview Dress Code:-

    It is better to wear a formal cloth at the time of screening process. It gives a good first impression and also keeps you more confident and easy.A light color shirt and dark formal pants are still on trend and a perfect blend of style and simplicity.

    You can team this pair of Trousers with a formal shirt and formal shoes for an impeccable look on a personal interview or screening. Adding a nice leather belt and leather shoes would do a great job.

    Tie: (Optional)
    Wearing a tie makes you look more handsome and classy, but it is not mandatory at all and doesn’t affect your performance otherwise. If you are comfortable with it then you can wear a tie else don’t. You may feel uncomfortable if you are not used to it.

    GTO Dress Code:-

    GTO is mostly an outdoor task which needs physical exercise and participation. Unlike other tests in which you may wear the formal dress of any color or type, in GTO, being a group activity you must follow the dress code strictly and match with other group members. Dress code is a white shirt, shorts, and sports shoes. Make sure you have it in white color, if you are wearing a different color you will look odd in your group

    White Tee Shirt

    You are supposed to wear a white color T-shirt for GTO, the best option is to wear a collar tee shirt with half sleeves. Make sure you do not have any other marking of different color on your tee shirt, a little bit of different color will not be a problem.

    White Shorts
    White shorts and T-shirts are used by Indian Defence during morning PT. In academies also they follow the same dress code during many other activities. It is made from pure cotton, these shorts are perfect for summer and can be paired with a tee and running shoes. Keep in mind you do not wear something which makes you uncomfortable during GTO because it is included with lots and lots of physical activity.
    White Shoes
    Most of the candidates do mistake in shoe selection, make sure you have a good sports shoes which help you to protect your feet during physical tasks, make sure you have a good grip on your shoes because GTO happens at early morning and you have to perform on a ground with full of dew.
    Blazer ( Only In Winter)
    You can dress like a complete gentleman with a perfect blazer, but make sure that you are wearing it comfortably, do not wear it in extreme summer else you will not feel comfortable at all.

    Conference Dress Code
    The dress code for the conference is a formal dress. Candidates are advised to wear a neat and clean dress during the conference, that’s why it is better to go with two pairs of formal dresses, one for the personal interview and another for the conference.

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