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  • Indian Navy SSB Questions Tips

    •   11 August 2017

    1. Who is the chief of the Indian Navy?
    2. Name the place where you will get trained in case you get selected for the Navy.
    3. What are branches in the Indian Navy?
    4. What are the different Types of Ships used by the Indian Navy?
    5. What are the aircrafts used in Indian Navy?
    6. Name the aircraft carrier of Indian navy?
    7. Tell 10 important aspects of the Air craft carrier.
    8. Tell 10 different of the Ship.
    9. Who is the father of Indian Navy?
    10 What are the Ranks in the Indian Navy?
    11. What are insignia worn by the officers and men.
    12. What are the ribbons and medals worn by them?
    13. Where is the naval academy located Place- and a few snaps.
    14. What are the naval units located near you.
    15. Nelson’s Ring?
    16. Commands and locations of Indian Navy?
    17 where all the different training centres located?  18 Where are the sailors trained?
    19. What the branches in the Navy
    20 Who is a Margo where do they get trained?    
    21. 20000 leagues under the sea- Written by whom. Read it
    22. How many submarines does India has? how it works- Incl nuc submarines?
    23. Name different classes of submarine.
    24 How does it work?
    25. Which is the Nuclear submarine of India?
    26. How do they navigate under the sea?
    27. What are the special trg does an officer and men employed in a submarine undergo? And where?
    28. What types of instruments are fitted in a ship, name them and their uses.
    29. What is latitude and longitude how does this help in GPS?
    30 Joint military Exercises of Indian navy with other countries.
    31. What is the largest Nuc powered Aircraft carrier in the world?  What are its highlights?
    32. What is a periscope, where is it used? How does it work?
    33. What are the different types of missile and wpns used in Navy?
    34. What is the difference between Navy and Coast Guard?
    35. What are the different types of uniforms worn by officers and sailors in the Indian navy- slides?
    36. How can a sailor use starts to understand the directions?
    37. What are the names of oceans and seas in the world?
    38. What is a Peninsula, island, straight, and isthmus?
    39  Why there are no fish in Dead Sea?
    40. If you have to sail from Chennai to America- what are all the famous harbours would you be touching?
    41  what type of signals are exchanged by a ship to another ship, what is/ are they called?
    42. What do you understand by CASTAWAY?
    43. What is the meaning of MAN ON BOARD?
    44. What is Quarter watch?
    45. What is Plimsoll line?
    46. What is a difference between a Hovercraft and other ships?
    47. What is the pay and allowances a sub lieutenant is authorized?
    48. What is the medical standard required for an officer cadet- Ordinary ship, Submarine.
    49. What are the difference insignia worn by a sailor on his left/ right sleeve?
    50. What is the form of salute in the Navy?
    51. Why do they say aye, aye sire?  
    52. Why does a sailor wear the ribbons and medals as narrow on the bottom and Broad on the top?
    53. Why do sailors allowed to wear beard in the Navy?

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