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  • Training


    At Defence Academy Coimbatore, we impart Training to face the Services Selection Board, Pre-selection Board, Final Selection Board of Army, Navy, Air Force and Coat Guard Interviews that leads to the selection of Officer cadre.

    How we train?

    A. Stage I of SSB interview

    1. Verbal Intelligence Test
    2. Non - verbal Intelligence Test
    3. Picture Perception and Description Test

    Note: The Three Selectors ie. Psychologist, Group testing Officer and Interviewing officer would be present during these tests.

    Our academy also has the above three experts and they judge the candidates just like that of an actual SSB Interview.

    B. Stage II Tests

    Our Psychologist Mr. Ashok Kumar a former Assessment officer of the SSB Bhopal will be conducting and Guiding the aspirants

    1. Thematic Apperception- Or Story Writing
    2. Word Association Test
    3. Situational Reaction Test
    4. Self Description test
    5. Our Psychologist will go through your work and give suitable suggestions
    6. We also conduct the final assessment tests via a computer based timed test and assess the candidates

    C. Stage II Tests

    Note: The following series of tests would be conducted and practiced by our trained Psychologist.

    Lt.Col Jayavel will be carrying out assessment tests

    1. Group discussion 1 and 2
    2. Group Planning Exercise
    3. Progressive Group tasks
    4. Half Group tasks
    5. Command tasks
    6. Final Group tasks
    7. Individual Obstacles
    8. Individual Lecturrete
    9. Practical Tests- Explanations would be carried out
    10. Out Door Tasks would be carried out at our Farm House - The complete GTO Tasks are laid out

    D. Personal Interview

    1. Personal Information Questionnaire- Its importance and how to fill up
    2. Types of Interview and how to face the Interview - Lectures
    3. Mock Interview and Assessment

    E.Final Conference

    Just like a real SSB interview we too would be conducting a Final Conference wherein we discuss in depth about the candidates performance in detail

  • Malleable Study Time


    Total Kit Contents - 6 Books

     Solved Question Paper - Maths 10 years.

     Solved Question Paper - English 10 years.

     Solved Question Paper - Social Studies 10 years.

     Mathematics Workbook with 500 Questions.

     Physics,Chemistry & Biology Guide.

     History, Geography & Civics Guide.

    Rs. 3000/=