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  • SSB Class Schedule


    Defence Academy Coimbatore conducts the SSB Interview Training in Three Sessions in a Month

    1. 1st batch starts on 01st of every month ( No holidays)
    2. 2nd batch starts on 11th of every month
    3. 3rd batch starts on 21st of every month

    Fee for SSB Interview:- Rs. 6000 only

    Study Materials Rs 500

    Hostel and Food & maintenance charged at the rate of Rs. 250 per day

    What to bring for your training?

    1. 2 Passport Size Photographs
    2. Writing Material
    3. PT shoes and Track suit for out door training.(Days scholars are requested to carry their packed lunch + water bottles and note book with pen for Group Planning exercise)
    4. 2 Bed sheets and Pillow

    SSB Class Schedule would be as follows:-

    1. Psychologists Training - 04 days
    2. Screening Test Practice - 01 day
    3. GTO ( indoor Trg)- 04 days
    4. Interview - 01 Day

    Note: The candidates would be informed about their performance by the testing officer at the end of each class.

    You may bring you own lap top to practice Psychlogical tests ( timed practice). Prepare on current affairs. You will be asked to give a presentation on at least two topics during your training. We will be screening the motivational film and will discuss about the performance among the group

    Normally the classes would be conducted between 1000 am to 1:00 pm. Thereafter you are required to practice the tests and prepare your self for the following day's class. Presentation would be mainly on the Defence forces its history, present development and future aspects. We will not be spoon feeding the candidates, but help them in acquiring knowledge. we also encourage them to build their confidence during the training and out door activities.

  • Malleable Study Time


    Total Kit Consists of following books

     Solved Papers - One Booklet

     Mathematics workbook - One Booklet

    English Guide Cum Workbook - One Booklet

    Maths, Science and SS Guide - One Booklet

    Intelligence/ Mental Ability Guide - One Booklet

    30 sets of Mock Tests - One Booklet

    General Awareness - One Booklet

    Online Test - Valid for 3 months (Username & Password to email, will be send after despatch of materials)

    Rs. 3400/=