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    1. First Show the Geographical Map of Andhra Pradesh as on today.
    2. Area in sq km after division of andhra
    3. No of district with names of Telegana.
    4. When was the state of Andhra originate? Population then.
    5. Wha t is the present population of today.
    6. What are the major industries in Telegana Vs Andhra
    7. Major rivers and roads of both states.
    8. Who is the present CM
    9. What is the no of lok sabha seats?
    10. What is the no of M.L.A seats?
    11. What are the major problems faced by telegana?
    12. What are the new proposal incl capital
    13. How long will the old capital be in use?
    14. What are the Pros and cons of such a division?
    15. What are the major resources that they will have to share?
    16. What would be the effect of other states when such division is established?
    17. When is the proposed division likely to come into effect?


    1. Who is Snowden?
    2. Where is he from
    3. What is the problem?
    4. Where is he now?
    5. Why did he do what is against the interest of his Motherland?

    India – Pak border problem.

    1. What is it all about?
    2. Where was the recent firing- map and places of that area Which bn/ units involved?
    3. What is happening now? And Why ?

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