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  • SSB Group Discussion Topics

    1. Indian Budget 2015 
    2. IPL
    3. AAP in Delhi. Is it a step towards a corruption free India?
    4. FDI, good or Bad.
    5. Indo-US nuclear Deal. Is it the right step for India.
    6. Obama in India. Substance or Symbolism.
    7. The future of Dassault Rafale Deal.
    8. Agni V, India’s new ICBM is it enough?
    9. Do Indians care about National festivals?
    10. Interest hike from RBI.
    11. Is it time for Dhoni to retire completely?
    12. Will India ever make it to the FIFA World Cup?
    13. The Ukraine Issue, will it lead to third world war?
    14. Are USA and Russia on the verge of a new Cold War.
    15. Is it right for TATA to produce cars for European Market and not sell them in India.
    16. China’s Dam on Brahmaputra, will it cause Havoc in downriver regions of India?
    17. The AIB roast Issue.
    18. Is Horse Trading going on in Bihar (the chief minister not having majority).
    19. Criminalization in UP politics.
    20. What does India need in military modernization?
    21. Valentine’s day, is it just commercialization?
    22. Where does India stand in modern literature?
    23. Is Arnab Goswami’s style of journalism ethical?
    24. Should we have a national language?
    25. Is internet eating up the childhood?
    26. Do the Indian youth act or just react?
    27. Internet protests versus real life protests?
    28. Are we forgetting our seven Sisters?
    29. The regionalism in India. How do we improve it?
    30. Is it right to censor public display of affection in India?
    31. Is censorship needed in the entertainment industry?
    32. Women are underpaid, undervalued and underutilized.
    33. Is NOTA worth?
    34. Social media is eating up the real conversation?
    35. Communication skills, computer familiarity and personal initiative are the three greatest needs of young people.
    36. Football is a better game than Cricket for India?
    37. We have a democratic system but not democratic values.
    38. Hard Work versus Smart Work.
    39. Which is a bigger threat? Naxalism, Maoism or terrorism?
    40. Is online shopping going against the local retailers?
    41. Reorganization of states on linguistic basis. Is it justifiable?
    42. Does Indian education system needs reform?
    43. Gross Domestic Happiness and not Gross Domestic Product defines the growth of a country?
    44. Too much money and too much attention is being given to cricketers?
    45. Do our planners lack foresight?
    46. Capital punishment.
    47. Good economics is good politics?
    48. Should Indian States be given more autonomy?
    49. Is Indian media playing a proper role?
    50. Crime against Women, whose fault is it?
    51. Will banning days like Valentines day, kiss day or hug day, restore our culture?

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    Total Kit Contents - 8 Books

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    New pattern of solved papers of 2018

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