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  • Sainik- RMS Entrance Exam Class VI Sample worksheet

    Sainik- RMS Entrance Exam Class VI Sample worksheet

    •   26 March 2020

    Why should your Son or Daughter be educated in Sainik School ?


    Maths: worksheet 04

    1. The distance covered in 4 s is 40m. How many minutes will a car take to cover 1.2 km?
    2. An object moved 50 m in 5 sec and 25 min in the next 10 seconds. What was its average speed?

    Your work 3. Find the speed of the train in m/s, in one hour it runs 75 km. ( follow the steps, use the formula)

    Q.4. if a boy runs at a speed of 15 in 5 seconds then his speed in km/hr would be?

    Q.5. Q.5. An electric train runs at a speed of 100 km/ h. and it travels from East to west, the direction of the wind is from south to north. I which direction will its smoke travel?


    Let us see how we can solve the above problems

    First of all read the question carefully and write down the following details.

    Step 1: what are the details given?   A car covers a distance of 40 m ins 4 seconds.

    Step 2: To find what Time In minutes taken by the car to travel a distance of 1.2 km.

    Step 3: Deductions from the above              a) 40 m in  4 seconds  it means 10 m in 1 second

    1. b) Distance Travelled is 1.2 km. We have to convert km into m to arrive at the answer

                   Hence let us convert km into m  1km is 1000m               So, 1.2 km = 1.2 X 1000 =1200 m

       Step 4: Formula to be used Distance / speed = Time      Step 5: 1200 m / 10 = 120 seconds

      Step 6: working 120 seconds is required to be converted into minutes (Because as per the question we have to find out the time taken in minutes)

     We know, 60 second = 1 min, hence 120 second = /60 = 2 minutes

    Step 7: Answer hence, the car will take 2 minutes to cover a distance of 1.2 km  


    Q.2. 50 m in   5 s and 25 m in 10 sec

    Total time taken to cover 75 m is 15 sec

    Average is 75/ 15= 5 m / second

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    Sainik- RMS Entrance Exam Class VI Sample worksheet

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