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  • Here are the reasons as to why you have to educate your child in sainik School?

    Here are the reasons as to why you have to educate your child in sainik School?

    •   23 March 2020

    Congratulations on taking the right decision for starting the training of your loved one early. In these days of competition, one has to work with a single GOAL in mind


    Our Goal is to Gain admission in the institution of our choice
    In order to prepare for the Ultimate success we have to start our training by proper planning and systematic training of the young brain
    Let us start with Motivating the child to focus and work along with us to prepare for the entrance examination of Sainik school or Rashtriya Military School

    Here we go:

    First let us see a motivational Movie on life in a Sainik School


    Sainik school- Life of a cadet

    Let us now move on to why should your son or daughter study in Sainik School?

    The AIM of these schools are well defined, ie. TO JOIN THE National Defence Academy (Pune) and finally get commissioned as an officer in
    a) Army
    b) or Air Force
    or c) Navy

    In fact about 20% of those who study in sainik school and military schools finally join the defence forces as an officer

    So, as a parent let us think about this option as one of the choices open for your child


    a) At the age of 23 your son or daughter becomes a First Class Gazetted Officer
    b) Draws a Salary of 12 lakh per annum
    c) Has a choice of serving in the forces upto 56-58 years of age
    d) Earn a pension life long
    e) It is one of the Enviable profession as compared to other professions
    f) Life full of adventure, travel and respected by the nation
    g) Owners pride and neighbours envy
    h) Only about 2 % of the entire population can get a chance to serve the nation from the front
    i) One of the toughest examination in India to crack
    j) He or She will make you proud of the achievement

    How to prepare?

    Start with our sample Worksheet and see how the child performs

    1. These worksheets can be used to teach Maths, English, Mental ability and scinece to make the foundational concepts easy

    2.In today's age where kids are glued to digital devices, let them disconnect and benefit from the beauty of a stimulating activity. Engage them to learn something valuable. Transform their learning experience with the simple, fun and creative worksheets for kids.
    3. These worksheets can be solved with in 40 mins and hence it does not take away much of their energy and time
    4. Almost instant result can guide the child to understand where he or she stands and prepare better
    5. These sample sheets will give you an idea as to how better results can be achieved in the final competitive exam
    6.Worksheets are great resources to enhance a child's intellect, imagination, handwriting and finer motor skills. Utilise an effective, enjoyable and creative way to elevate a child's brain capacity and augment their knowledge with personalized worksheets for Success
    Get your personalized worksheets now.
    These are the PATHWAY TO SUCCESS

    Order Today


    WORKSHEET- Sainik-RMS- Class-VI


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    Here are the reasons as to why you have to educate your child in sainik School?

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