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  • RIMC General Knowledge

    1. Gas used for extinguishing  fire____________________
    2. The deficiency of Vitamin C in Diet will lead to ______
    3. Rocks are transformed into morble_______________
    4. Oceanic tidal waves which result from earthquakes are known as______
    5. The relgious book of Parsis is___________________________________
    6. The River also known as Tsangpo in Tibet is_____________________
    7. The founder of the “ Brahmo Samaj” is_______________________
    8. Olympic 2012 were held at________________________________
    9. What is the name of 23 year old Amercian swimmer 
    who won 8 gold medals in the Beiging Olympics 2008?
    10. The planets on either side of the earth are______________
    11. Joule stands for the unit of__________________________
    12. Who presides over the meeting of the Rajya Sabha?
    13. Which country is known as the largest producer of Gold in the World?
    14. When a red rose is seen through green light appears _________
    15. Name the Capital of Syria
    16  Commonwealth youth games ( 2008) were held at______________
    17. “ Gobar Gas” contains mainly__________________
    18. The acid used in battiries is_______________
    19  The Largest river in the world is__________  
    20. “ Arthashastra” was Written by_______________

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