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  • RIMC General Knowledge Question Paper -03

    26. Who presided over the inaugural meeting of the Constituent
    Assembly of India ?
              a) Sachidananda Sinha
              b) BR Ambedkar
              c) Dr Rajendra Prasad
              d) P Upendra
     27. Who among the following was the Chairman of the Drafting
    Committee of the Indian Constitution ?
              a) Rajendra Prasad
              b) Tej Bahadur Sapru
              c) C Rajagopalachari
              d) BR Ambedkar
     28. Who among the following was the Constitutional adviser to the
    Constituent Assembly of India ?
              a) Dr BN Rao
              b) Dr BR Ambedkar
              c) KM Munshi
              d) MC Setalvad
     29. The most profound influence on the drafting of the Indian
    Constitution was exercised by the
              a) US Constitution
              b) British Constitution
              c) Government of India Act, 1935
              d) French ideals of Liberty and Fraternity
     30. The Crown took the Government of India into its own hands by
              a) Charter Act, 1833
              b) Government of India Act, 1858
              c) Indian Council Act, 1861
              d) Government of India Act, 1935
     31. Which of the following was adopted from the Mauryan dynasty in
    the emblem of Government of India ?
              a) Four Lions
              b) Chariot wheel
              c) Horse
              d) Words 'Satyameva Jayate'
     32. Who among the following is known as the Father of the Indian Constitution ?
              a) Dr BR Ambedkar
              b) Mahatma Gandhi
              c) Jawaharlal Nehru
              d) Vallabhai Patel
     33. Who proposed the preamble before the Drafting committee of the
    Constitution ?
              a) Jawaharlal Nehru
              b) BR Ambedkar
              c) BN Rao
              d) Mahatma Gandhi
     34. In a parliamentry form of Government, real powers of the state
    are vested in the
              a) Council of Ministers headed by the Prime Minister
              b) President
              c) Government
              d) Parliament
     35. The Constitution of India is designed to work as a unitary government
              a) in normal times
              b) in times of emergency
              c) when the parliament so desires
              d) at the will of the President
     36. From which of the countries, Constitution of India has adopted
    fundamental duties ?
              a) USA
              b) Canada
              c) Erstwhile USSR
              d) UK
     37. Which of the following is not a condition for becoming a citizen of India ?
              a) Birth
              b) Acquiring Property
              c) Descent
              d) Naturalisation
     38. Who is competent to prescribe conditions as for acquiring Indian
    citizenship ?
              a) Parliament
              b) State Legislature
              c) President
              d) Attoney General
     39. Which of the following rights was described by Dr BR Ambedkar as
    'The Heart and Soul of the Constitution'?
              a) Right of freedom of Religion
              b) Right to Property
              c) Right to Equality
              d) Right to Constitutional Remedies
     40. The theory of Fundamental Rights implies
              a) sovereignity of the people
              b) equality of oppurtunity for all
              c) limited government
              d) equality of all before law
     41. Any dispute regarding the violation of Fundamental rights can be presented
              a) in the Supreme court only
              b) in the High court only
              c) either in the Supreme court or the High court
              d) first in the Supreme court and then in the High  court
     42. The objective of Fundamental rights in our Constitution is to provide
              a) better material conditions to the citizens
              b) social justice
              c) equality and freedom to all citizens
              d) economic justice
     43. Indian Constutution forbidden Untouchability, it is mentioned in
              a) Article 17
              b) Article 21 A
              c) Article 44
              d) Article 370
     44. The Cabinet Mission to India was headed by
              a) Stafford Cripps
              b) AV Alexander
              c) Lord Pethik Lawrence
              d) Hugh Gaitskell
     45. The design of the National Flag was adopted by the Constitution
    Assembly of India in
              a) July 1948
              b) July 1950
              c) July 1947
              d) August 1947
     46. The members of the constituent assembly were
              a) elected by the provincial assemblies
              b) elected directly by the people
              c) nominated by the government
              d) only representatives of the princely states
     47. Who administers the oath of office to the President?
              a) Chief Justice of India
              b) Speaker of Lok Sabha
              c) Prime Minister
              d) Vice President
     48. The Chief minister of Union territory where such a set up exists,
    is appointed by the
              a) President
              b) Prime Minister
              c) Lt Governor
              d) Majority Party in Legislature
     49. Which of the following appointments is not made by the President of India ?
              a) Speaker of the Lok Sabha
              b) Chief Justice of India
              c) Chief of the Air Force
              d) Chief of the Army
     50. Minimum year required to contest for Presidentship is
              a) 30 yrs
              b) 35 yrs
              c) 23 yrs
              d) 21 yrs

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