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  • RIMC General Knowledge Question Paper -02

    1. Who is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces?
              a) Mr. A.K Antony
              b) Mr. Pranab Mukerjee
              c) Gen. Bikram Singh
              d) Marshal Of the Air Force Arjun Singh
     2. In how many ways can a Bats man be given out in Cricket?
              a) 5
              b) 6
              c) 8
              d) 10
     3. Which of the following is not a sedimentary rock?
              a) Limestone
              b) Marble
              c) Sandstone
              d) Shale
     4. Which of the following rocks is tranformed into marble?
              a) Granite
              b) Limestone
              c) Peat
              d) Shale
     5. Which of the following is a metamorphic rock.
              a) Slate
              b) Sandstone
              c) Shale
              d) Limestone
     6. Comets revolve around
              a) sun
              b) earth
              c) venus
              d) No single heavenly body
     7. Which two planets of the solar system have no satellites?
              a) Mercury  and Venus
              b) Venus and Mars
              c) Mercury and Pluto
              d) Venus and Neptune
     8. On which of the following planets of the solar system does the sun
    rise in the west and set in the east?
              a) Venus
              b) Mars
              c) Jupiter
              d) Saturn
     9. Halley's Comet appears once in a period of ______ years
              a) 24
              b) 32
              c) 76
              d) 84
     10. "Parsec" is the unit of measurement of
              a) density of stars
              b) astronomical distance
              c) brightenss of heavenly bodies
              d) orbital velocity of giant starts
     11. Which of the following  gases is most perdominant in the SUN?
              a) Helium
              b) Hydrogen
              c) Nitrogen
              d) Ozone
     12. The earth rotates around its axis from
              a) North to South
              b) East to West
              c) South to North
              d) West to East
     13. Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere occurs on
              a) Dec 22
              b) Sep 23
              c) June 21
              d) March 21
     14. Which type of forest belt supplies most of the world's requiremnt
    of Newsprint?
              a) Coniferous forest
              b) Deciduous forest
              c) Evergreen forest
              d) Mediterranean forest.
     15. The greatest average annual precipitation is in
              a) Hawaii
              b) India
              c) Philippines
              d) West Indies
     16. The climate bes suited for horticulture is
              a) Equatorial
              b) Mediterranean
              c) Monsoon
              d) Tundra
     17. Deciduous trees are those
              a) that grow up straight
              b) that grow plenty in dry places
              c) that never bear fruits
              d) that shed their leaves during a certain session
     18. Which of the following trees is not a softwood variety ?
              a) Fern
              b) Mahogany
              c) Pine
              d) Spruce
     19. Which of the following pairings is incorrect ?
              a) Isohytes-Humidity
              b) Isobars-Pressure
              c) Isotherms-Temperature
              d) Isohels-Sunshine
     20. Which of the following is the fastest growing tree ?
              a) Teak
              b) Sal
              c) Eucalyptus
              d) Banyan
     21. Which of the following countries is the largest producer of sugar
    in the world ?
              a) Russia
              b) India
              c) Cuba
              d) China
     22. The leading mica producer in the World is
              a) USA
              b) Russia
              c) Japan
              d) India
     23. Venice in Italy and Vienna in Austria are famous for
              a) pottery
              b) glass industry
              c) chemical industry
              d) textile industry
     24. The largest population of scheduled tribes in India is in
              a) Himachal Pradesh
              b) Madhya Pradesh
              c) Arunachal Pradesh
              d) Sikkim
     25. India lies in the
              a) northern and eastern
              b) southern and eastern
              c) northern and western
              d) northern and southern

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