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  • RIMC English Model Question Paper

    1. Mount Everest is __________ higher peak in __________Himalayas.
    2. He is not _________ honest man.
    3. She is not _______ European by birth
    4. He is _______great lover of Ramayana.
    5. What ___________nuisance it is?
    Use suitable prepositions in the following:-
    6. Skill comes ___________experience.
    7. There is a big house _________the street.
    8. She gave me roses ___________ my birthday.
    9. Say it ____ a few words. 
    10. I can tell quite a lot ______the handwriting.
    Fill a verb in agreement with its subject in each of the following:-
    11. She_____________ a sweet song.
    12. Power and position ____ no charm for me.
    13. Much of her wealth ________been wasted. 
    14. Some of the students _________ absent. 
    15. This is the boy who _______hard.
    16. Punctuate the following passage:-
    How have you found so much wealth asked Ali Babas wife
    Ali Baba replied it is no time for asking the question
     let us first count the gold mohars  is it possible to count them said his wife.   
    Use the following phrases in sentences of your own so as to bring out their meaning:
    17. Break out
    18. Fall short of
    19. Look over
    20. Safe and sound
    PART- II SSE 2002
    21. Write an essay on any one of the following 
    a) Independence Day		b) Village
    22. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions based on it:-
    In the White house, Abraham Lincoln quietly, sadly and able guided the nation.
    Men complained about him and he listened quietly and without anger. 
    Men worked against him and he did not turn against them. 
    His great head was full of grief, he loved peace; he was strong 
    and determined to go on to the end.  Slowly, the ordinary people of the
     country began to know that in the White House there was a great President 
    and a great man.  
    Lincoln had one serious fault- one which often troubled the officers of the army very much. 
    He loved people and he could understand and forgive their weaknesses perhaps 
    more than was best.  e found it difficult, for example, to permit the army courts 
    to have a solider shot for running away during a battle or for falling asleep while on guard duty. 
    He wanted to forgive them and give them a second change and their officers didn’t like it. 
    A mother’s tears, a baby’s cry, a story of misfortune – these touched his heart.
     A) Give the central idea of the above passage:-
    B) From the passage, write below the words which mean:
    i) Defect		ii) Bad Luck
    C) Write from the above passage, the sentence which shows that Lincoln was not a revengeful man.
    D) Write in the brackets the number of the correct answer.
    “The army officers were often troubled because: “
    i) Lincoln did not love them.
    ii) Lincoln’s great heart was full of grief
    iii) Lincoln pardoned the ordinary weaknesses of the soldiers.
    iv) The soldiers fell asleep while on guard duty
    v) Lincoln was not a man of strong determination.
     E). Why did Lincoln not allow he army courts to shoot a solider for an ordinary fault?
    F) What qualities of Lincoln’s character does the passage describe?
    3. Fill in the blanks with Astract Nouns formed from the words given in brackets:
    i) Solomon was famous for his ____________( wise)
    ii) We all love__________________________(honest)
    iii) I believe in her_______________________(innocent)
    iv) I often think of the days of my __________(Child)
    v) The Headmaster gave him____________for telling a lie. (Punish)
    4. Choose the right verbs from brackets to complete each sentence
    i) The wind ( blew, galloped, flew) hard that day.
    ii) A river (floats, flows, swims) by our village.
    iii) A cork(floats, sails, flows) on water.
    iv) Columbus (Discovered, invented, explored) America.
    v) Cocks ( sing, caw, crow) in the morning.
    5. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:-
    i) I was surprised _____ his failure.
    ii) I congratulate you _______ your success____ the examination.
    iii) I am not acquainted __________her.
    iv) I warned him _______________the danger.
    v) Beware____________________mad dogs.
    6. Rewrite the following sentences, using from Active into Passive and from passive into Active.
    i) The teacher corrects out exercises.
    ii) The filed is being ploughed by the farmer.
    iii) The children have eaten all the cakes.
    iv) The beggar was bitten by the mad dog.
    v) Help the poor.
    7. Correct the following sentences:-
    i) I hoped that she will pass
    ii) I warned her lest she may make a mistake
    iii) He said that the sun rose in the East.
    iv) I found that she has told a lie.
    v) We returned home as soon as it begins to rain.
    8. Change the following sentences into Indirect Speech
    i) He said, “ I will go to Patna tomorrow.”
    ii) The teacher said to me, “What is your name?”
    iii) “ I will not give you a single penny”, said the old man to the begger.
    iv) He wrote on me, “ I am unable to come just now because I am ill.”
    v) He said to the magistrate, “ Pardon me.” 

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