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  • General Knowledge Question Paper -01

    Q.1. Population wise which is the smallest state in India?
    a) Goa	b) Arunachal Pradesh	c) Miaoram	d) Sikkim
    Q.2. what do we call the building made of glass, where plants are grown?
    A) Nursery b) Botanical House	c) Glass House d) Green House  	
    Q.3, Longest bone in our body is_______________
    A) Spinal Cord	b) Thigh Bone c) Hand Bone   d) Chest Rib 
    Q. 4. Who invented Stethoscope?
    A) Afred Nobel b) Edison c) Newton  d) Rene Laennec	 
    Q.5. The Indian cricket who has maximum test centuries _______________
    Q. 6. Bull fighting is most famous sport in __________________________
    A) England	b) Scotland	c) Netherlands  	d) Spain 
    Q.7. Chilka Laka is situated in_______________
    A) Bihar	b) Maharastra  c) Orissa  d) West Bengal  	
    Q.8. which planet is farthest from the sun?
    a) Mercury	b) Neptune	c) Uranus	d) Venus
    Q.9. which one of these is a mammal?
    a) Bat		b) Crocodile	c) Penguin	d) Tortoise
    Q.10. an electric bulb has a filament made of ________
    a) Copper	b) Iron	c) Lead	d) Tungsten 		
    Q.11. During India's freedom struggle the Sepoy Mutiny  started from which of
     the following places?
    a) Agra	b) Gwalior  c) Jhansi	 d) Meerut
    Q.12. Chandigarh was designed  by___________
    a) Edward Lutyens	b) Michelongo	 c) Nek Chand	d) Le Corbuiser
    Q.13. To an Astronaut, the outer space appeas________
    a) White	 b) Black	c) Deep Blue	d) Crimson
    Q.14. Which river flows by the side of the Taj Mahal?
    a) Ganga	  b) Yamuna	c) Saraswati	d) Brahmaputra
    Q.15. Which Indian state sends the maximum number of members to the Lok Sabha
    a) Andra Pradesh	b) Uttar Pradesh	c) Madhya Pradesh	d) Bihar
    Q.16. Which Bird is symbolic of love and peace?
    a) Peacock	b) Dove	c) Parrot	 d) White Peacock
    Q.17. Which is the largest living animal on the earth?
    a) Elephant	b) Dinosaur	c) Blue Whale d) Giraffe
    Q.18. Who invented the Safety lifts in buildings?
    a) Edison	b) Graham bell	c) Ottis	d) Stevenson
    Q.19. Name the capital of Assam?
    a) Dispur	 b) Guwhati  	c) Jorhat	 d) None of these  
    Q.20. Which city is going to host the 2012 summer Olympics?
    a) California	b) Tokyo		c) Ottawa	d) London
    Q.21. Name the first citizen of India as on today ( 20 Dec 2009)
    a) Mrs Manmohan singh	b) Mrs. Sonia Gandhi	c) Mrs Pratiba Patel	d) None 
    Q. 22. Which Indian woman at the age of 75 flew in the SUKOI 30 if Indian Air Force
     on 25 November 2009? 
    a) Mrs Manmohan singh	b)  Sonia Gandhi c)  Pratiba Patel  d) Flt Lt. Sindya 

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