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WELCOME TO COIMBATORE DEFENCE ACADEMY - Sainik - RMS - RIMC Coaching - Residential Coaching - List of Items for Hostel
Dear Parent,

              Coimbatore Defence Academy congratulates you on your decision to choose defence services as a career for your child.
              Defence Academy is being run by a retired Army officer, who was educated in Sainik School. The academy focuses on coaching potential candidates to take of admission test for Sainik, Rashtriya Military School and Rashtriya Indian Military College. (RIMC – Dehradun).
When should the child be brought to us for coaching?
              Answer: During the month of October we offer coaching for 3 months for Sainik School, 2 ½ Months for RMS and 2 Months for RIMC. (The course of preparatory study get culminated 3 days prior to actual exam)
              List of items to be brought by the boys at the time of admission and ensure possession throughout the Course duration Item Quantity
1 Bedsheets 02
2 Light pillow and cover 01, Pillow cover -02
3 Light mattress  
4 Night suit- (Kurta and Payjama) 2 sets
5 Towel white large size 2 02
6 Hand towel 02
7 Vests Cotton (Baniyans) 04
8 Underwears (Kachha) V Shape 04
9 Socks black (Plain) 3 pairs
10 Handkerchiefs (Rumals) 6
11 Torch with cell 01
12 Rubber slippers (Hawai chappals) 1
13 Shoe Black,  Leather 1
14 Canvass Shoe 1
15 Boot polish and brush 1 Nos each 1
16 Hair oil and comb 1 each
17 Bathing Soap with Soap Case 4
18 Washing soap Soap Case 3
19 Washing Powder 1 kg
20 Nail Cutter 1
21 Small mirror 1
22 First box 1
23 Utensils 1 steel plate 12 Inches dia with compartment
24 Spoon , fork and Knief One set
25 Kattori, Tumbler One
26 Water Bottle One
27 Hand bag for outdoor trip 1
28 Borunvitta/ Horlicks 1kg
29 Long size notes Books – 24
30 Pen Pencil eraser, sharpner 06 ball pens , 3 pencils
31 Present class Books Maths, eng and science only
32 Dictionary 1
33 Atlas 1
34 Geometry Box 1
35 Play items like chess if interested 1
36 Story books English 1
37 Hangers 3
38 Passport size photograph 2
39 Plastic Bucket with Mug 1
40 Small flask 1
41 Simple Cell phone 1
              Note: Students can contact parents at night daily prior to meal time for 30 mins every day.
              We screen Movies on Sat / Sunday night.
              Food is Vegetarian However; we provide eggs every day in b fast/ Lunch.
              Pocket money of Rs. 2000 is to be deposited with our warden during admission.
              Parents are permitted to visit the child during second sat/sun of the month.
              We do not have accm for parents in our hostel.
              Call taxi /bus services are available from rly stn/ airport./central bus stand.
              Bus from Gandhipuram.
              2B, 3G,3K, 3H, 4C, 12H, S25 21 D, 50 C, 100 AND 100 C.
Fee Structure
              Sainik / RMS Class VI- Rs.17,500 per month
              This includes FOOD, ACC, Dhobi Charges, and Coaching
              Onetime payment for Sainik /RMS is. Rs.50, 000
              RIMC Rs. 40,000 two months
              We expect the parent to settle the first installment of Rs.25, 000 before admission
              Rest can be paid in two installments
              For minor ailment we have a small hospital nearby, we will take care of it for minor ailment.
              Parents are request to take a medi-claim for the child and give us the original for any hospital admission. You will be informed about any such case at once.
              Please get your child medically inspected and TT injection taken before starting your journey.
              Food is prepared at home by a lady and it would be served to the students in our mess.
              South Indian style food with Chapattis in the evening will be served Children will be given milk Twice once in the morning with Breakfast and at Night Evening they will be given milk after games. 10 30 – 1100 morning tea break.
              A child might have homesickness for the first 10 days which is normal.
              You can contact our warden on phone No 94437 20076 for any consultation.
              Please do not disturb the child by calling him of cell phone during day time, you will be disturbing him in class hours.
              Once a month we take the children out for a night out camp.
              Visits at local museum, exhibition is a part of our training.
              Please co-operate with us to get the best result, every test result would be informed to your by SMS.